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I'm a software engineer at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona. I love photography and am exploring avenues to turn it into a vocation.

Why Macro photography interests me.

Recently, while sorting through some boxes of old photo junk (I’ve moved recently), I came across an old Mamiya Sekor macro lens.  I bought this lens at a garage sale probably 20 years ago and had forgotten I even had … Continue reading

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Charity Portrait Shoot #1

This last Saturday I did the first in a series (hopefully) of portrait shoots that will raise money for my neighborhood association.  I used a studio backdrop and a couple of radio triggered off-camera flash guns with umbrellas to set … Continue reading

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Acadia National Park

This past week I visited the state of Maine and Acadia National Park on the Atlantic coast.  We stayed in Bangor, about 50 miles from Bar Harbor and the park.  We made two trips to Acadia, one to Mount Desert Island, … Continue reading

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Sony 16mm f2.8 E-mount lens

I’ve been using only legacy lenses with my NEX-5n so far, in fact that was my purpose in buying it, to use lenses I inherited from my father. I’ve been generally pleased with the lenses from his old Leica kit … Continue reading

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Progress toward photographic image gallery

I’ve put together a small photo image gallery as a test on the “Photography” page.  I’m using the NextGEN gallery plugin and it works nicely, at least on Safari.  I guess it uses the evil Adobe Flash which I would … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

I’ve been meaning to get my LytleDrive website running for a while now and yesterday, I decided to try using WordPress for the basic structure.  This first post serves two purposes, first, to welcome people to my site and second, … Continue reading

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