A New Beginning

I’ve been meaning to get my LytleDrive website running for a while now and yesterday, I decided to try using WordPress for the basic structure.  This first post serves two purposes, first, to welcome people to my site and second, to try things out, see what works, and what doesn’t, to experiment.

This site will be about photography, science, and software.  These are things I’m passionate about, love to share with people, and will be deeply involved with for the foreseeable future.  I want to show examples of my photography, talk about photographic technique and equipment, share scientific news and thoughts, and describe some of my process as I design and build software.

I want to post a photograph here to see how it looks in the current blog setup.  This setup will almost surely change as I work through the design of this website.  The following photograph was taken last week on a little hike along Sabino Creek, which is on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona, where I currently live.  I went late in the day and hiked to an area I’ve been before where there is often water in the stream.  This is the desert and the streams don’t always run but this day I was greeted by some pools and a trickle of water.

The subject I was interested in photographing were the rocks and boulders in the stream-bed.  I enjoy the variety of stones, their shapes and textures, and the way they pile up into random combinations.  I often convert photographs taken in this environment to black and white since the qualities I’m after are textures and shapes, not colors.  In this case however, not only were there some interesting colors in the boulders, but the setting sun was illuminating the canyon walls with a yellow-orange glow that was reflected in the pools of the stream.

Please click on the image to see the full sized version!  I’ve added my own mat to the image as well as a caption and my logo.  There is an option in this blog software to add a caption and I’ll have to try that too but I like the idea of laying out the image, caption, and logo myself before I upload the photograph.  Soon, I’ll add some image portfolios here.

OK, back to work improving this website!

About Dyer Lytle

I'm a software engineer at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona. I love photography and am exploring avenues to turn it into a vocation.
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